Wednesday, 17 July 2013

87. Slavonian Grebe (Podiceps auritus)

The Slavonian Grebe is a small grebe which breeds on shallow lakes and ponds with vegetation in parts of northern Europe, and winters mostly around the coast of Europe, although generally not southernmost Europe. This photo shows the breeding plumage and in winter, it is much plainer, retaining the pale bill tip, and having a black cap extending down the back of the neck contrasting sharply with white cheeks, a black back and white breast with a light grey collar.

Slavonian Grebe, ©Steve Garvie, via Wikimedia Commons.
Slavonian Grebe sketch.

First page in my new sketchbook, it's a lot nicer than my old one :o) I only bought a cheap one to begin with as I didn't know if I'd be able to keep this up, so thought it would be worth paying a bit more for better paper as I am still successfully trundling on now.

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