Wednesday, 17 July 2013

86. White-billed Diver (Gavia Adamsii)

White-billed Diver is the behemoth of the divers, and also the most scarce. It resembles a Great Northern Diver, but larger and with a yellowy white bill. In non-breeding plumage, it differs from Great Northern Diver in being tinged browinish, having slightly more pronounced barring on its back, an often more extensive dark half-collar, and partly retaining the yellowish bill colour - it may also point its bill upward slightly. This photo is of a juvenile - it was difficult to find good photos of an adult - which is paler and has a much more scaly pattern on its back than the adult. White-billed Divers breed in parts of north Siberia, Alaska and Canada, and winter around the north coast of Fennoscandia and along the south coast of Alaska extending down the Canadian coast.

Yellow-billed Diver, ©poecile05, via Flickr Creative Commons.

White-billed Diver sketch.
Bit rushed towards the end but I just about managed to finish it. Also, I have now filled a whole sketchbook with drawings - this was the last page! Tomorrow I start my new sketchbook, how exciting.

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