Thursday, 4 July 2013

70. Rock Partridge (Alectoris graeca)

The Rock Partridge is found in southeast Europe and prefers rocky slopes with scrubby vegetation generally above the treeline. It looks very similar to the Chukar (whose range it overlaps with slightly) but its distinguishing features are the paler white throat, narrow white supercilium and black rim extending down to enclose the upper mandible.

Rock Partridge, ©FokusNatur, via Wikimedia Commons.
Rock Partridge sketch.

I gave myself a strict time limit of 45 minutes for this drawing, but in the end it only took 30, result! Although I have made him a bit too chunky. I think I will fiddle about with the new scanner settings actually, I used different software (Picasa, before it stopped talking to the new scanner) to scan my Red-legged Partridge and prefer how it looks - also there is too much jpeg compression in this drawing, it looks baaaad when you view it full-size.

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