Saturday, 6 July 2013

74. See-see Partridge (Ammoperdix griseogularis)

The See-see Partridge is similar in appearance to the Sand Partridge, but can be told apart from the latter by its black forehead and supercilium, and white speckles on its neck. It also has similar habitat preferences, but favours more level terrain and is sometimes found at higher altitudes. It is also found in the Middle East, but further east than the Sand Partridge, from Syria across to Pakistan.

See-see Partridge, ©Tommy Pedersen/Sandman in Dubai, used with permission.
Many thanks to Tommy Pedersen for kindly allowing me to use his excellent photo!

See-see Partridge sketch.
I quite like this one, I was surprised how much I enjoyed drawing the Ammoperdix partridges despite their initial appearance as fairly nondescript, small sandy-coloured guys.

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