Sunday, 7 July 2013

75. Grey Partridge (Perdix perdix)

The Grey Partridge is found throughout much of Europe where it is resident all year round (being a pretty hardy bird), but in the UK has been placed on the Red List due to recent serious declines in its population. This is probably mainly due to changing farming practices which have led to a loss of the Grey Partridge's preferred habitat of meadowland, open farmland, arable fields and hedgerows. Its orange face is distinctive, and its grey and brown plumage is finely patterned when viewed close to. Like most of the partridges it is gregarious and forms small flocks.

Grey Partridge, ©ubermoogle2006, via Flickr Creative Commons.
Grey Partridge sketch.

I was feeling a bit ambitious and decided to try and draw two birds - however in my allocated time limit (45 minutes) I perhaps unsurprisingly didn't quite manage to finish them!

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