Saturday, 6 June 2015

30 Days Wild | Day 6 - birdsong in my favourite tunes

Still stuck at my desk revising! My day 6 of 30 Days Wild is kind of a continuation of yesterday's wild act, which was listening to birdsong. Today I've made a playlist of tunes by some of my favourite artists that feature birdsong! I've attempted to identify the birds concerned with mixed results.....some are easier than others. House Sparrow is not surprisingly the most popular, given their ubiquity throughout the world; I was surprised how well-represented buntings were! Hearing birds out of the context of their usual habitat and season can really throw you sometimes, but I reckon the ability to identify bird sounds in places you wouldn't normally hear them is a good skill to have! Plus, any excuse to listen to some of my favourite music :o) Can anyone add to/correct any of my identifications? Click here to listen to the playlist (you'll need a Spotify account)....

1 Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers House Sparrows, lots.
2 King Creosote & John Hopkins - John Taylor's Month Away Herring Gull I think.
3 The Samuel Jackson Five - Slow Motion Simulator Yellowhammer!
4 Múm - Dancing Behind My Eyelids Whooper Swan.
5 Super Furry Animals - Liberty Belle All kinds of things going on here - I can pick up Reed Bunting and Grasshopper Warbler but definitely missing other stuff!
6 Peter Broderick - Floating/Sinking House Sparrows again.
7 Boards of Canada - Chromakey Dreamcoat Ummmm… a wader of some kind?! Struggling through the distortion in classic Boards of Canada style…
8 Max Richter - Shadow Journal Carrion Crow and Chaffinch, very atmospheric Mr Richter.
9 Panda Bear - Bros Two owls here, and from the sounds of it the first is a big fella too. I'm tentatively saying Barred Owl - a leap of logic knowing that it doesn't sound like any UK owl, and Panda Bear is from the USA. Then there is (I think) a Tawny Owl at around 06:10.
10 Nils Frahm & Anne Müller - Let me key be C Blackbird!
11 Post-Foetus - Haruka Definitely House Sparrows, also other birds at the beginning especially - possibly more North American stuff given the artist's nationality…

My last few wild acts have been rather desk-based, but tomorrow I have a day off from revision for a big exciting trip......

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