Saturday, 27 June 2015

30 Days Wild | Day 26 - relaxing in the garden

Today I was thinking of going for a walk in the evening, but I was feeling tired and a bit under the weather when I got home from work so instead for day 26 of 30 Days Wild I chilled out in the garden. Chris made me a cup of peppermint tea and I sat outside enjoying it, reading a bit more of Hare, and chatting with Chris through the kitchen door while he prepared dinner.

Here are a few things going on in my garden at the moment:

Lots of grasses for me to try and identify, I've ordered a better grass ID book!
There is loads of this in the lawn, I think it is Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) - if so it's going to look great when it all flowers! Plus apparently it's edible so could be another plant for me to try...

As I was preparing to go back indoors I heard a large group of Long-tailed Tits approaching from a neighbouring garden, so I waited for them to pass through our garden. Sure enough they did and I enjoyed the sight of them bobbling along through the trees, psqueeking constantly to keep in touch with one another. As I tidied the patio chairs away I also noticed this chap on the table:

A caterpillar of some kind, but I know not what species!

I went in for dinner feeling refreshed and relaxed after enjoying the tranquil atmosphere of our garden :o)

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