Tuesday, 23 June 2015

30 Days Wild | Day 22 - a spot of gardening

On day 22 of 30 Days Wild I kept it low-key with a bit of garden maintenance. Now I have a little bit more free time I am looking forward to turning my attention to our garden which is a little wild and rambling! We only rent our house so I'm not planning on any big changes, but over the weekend I weeded the patio which has already made a big difference. Today I just trimmed the lawn, I have to keep it short around my experiment to reduce hiding places for slugs and other bugs which might eat my experimental subjects! I've left the rest of the grass to grow long as the photo below shows, and I've seen plenty of insects around the garden as a result. Next on my garden to-do list is to remove any brambles I can find before they gain a proper foothold, and to radically prune the buddleia which has flopped over onto the lawn behind my experiment!

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