Tuesday, 7 May 2013

So far....

I've been doing this for about a month now so thought I would reflect on my drawing and blogging so far.

The main weakness of my drawings I think is that I struggle with proportions and the relative size and shape of different body parts. In a lot of cases I seem to have a tendency to shorten the body, and wings if in flight, of birds. I'm not sure this is improving with practice either! I definitely will move to a whole page per drawing to see if being less restricted for space makes any difference. If not maybe I will just embrace it and adopt a 'chunky' style?!

Most drawings have taken longer than originally intended - when I first started I thought about 5-10 minutes per drawing, however I've probably spent about half an hour on most and longer on a few, mainly due to my fastidious nature and inablility to let go of a drawing that looks unfinished or messy to my eyes. This has led to a few hectic evenings although overall finding time to do drawings hasn't been as much of a problem as I thought it might potentially be and I've just about managed to keep up with one a day. I would really like to do more work in colour though,

Drawing and blogging has definitely helped me learn and engage more with the natural world already. For example working my way through all those grey geese, a group with which I wasn't previously very familiar, has made me feel like I could now at least have a good stab at telling apart a Pink-Footed Goose from a Bean Goose, or a White-Fronted from a Lesser White-Fronted. Blogging about my birdwatching trips has also increased my awareness of other aspects of nature aside from birds as I'm also on the lookout for interesting things to take photos of (my camera's not really good enough to get any decent bird pictures!) and write about when I get home. So I'm excited to be attempting to learn more about identifying plants too!

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