Monday, 20 May 2013

41. Surf Scoter (Melanitta perspicillata)

The Surf Scoter is an American duck which occasionally turns up here in the UK. No shortage of great photos today to choose from! Apart from the white markings on the head, the rest of the Surf Scoter's plumage is all dark with no white in the wing, in comparison to Velvet Scoter's white wing panels. The heavy head and bill and white eye and head markings help tell it apart from Common Scoter. What a mighty bill, amazing!

Surf Scoter, ©winnu, via Flickr Creative Commons.
Surf Scoter drawing.
Coloured pencils again today. Pleased with the colours, but I've made the bill a bit too short and chunky, and the neck a bit too slim. It's a bit like a cartoon version of a Surf Scoter, although with that bill I think even the real Surf Scoter is verging on cartoonish!

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