Thursday, 16 May 2013

37. King Eider (Somateria spectabilis)

This incredible photo is another of Tormod's, taken from the floating photo hide at Båtsfjord which seems to be gaining somewhat of a legendary status due to the opportunity it allows you to get amazingly close to seaducks! Alas I didn't have time or funds to visit it during my Gullfest trip, but maybe next year....

King Eider, ©Tormod Amundsen/Biotope.
King Eider drawing, pencil and coloured pencil crayons.
Yeah! Colours! I would do all my drawings in colour if I had time, it's so much more satisfying. Pretty pleased with this one!

King Eider was another new species for me at Gullfest, they look so improbable that I wasn't ever quite sure they were even real until I actually saw one. Well, until I saw more like 10,000, as my first King Eider experience was in the so-called (by Tristan Reid) 'King Eider vortex'! This described very aptly the swirling clouds of Eider that surrounded our boat during the King Eider safari, it was hard to know which direction to look in, it was a completely overwhelming birding experience in the best possible way.

King Eiders on the King Eider safari trip.
The King Eider vortex!
King & Common Eiders take off.

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