Monday, 27 May 2013

47. Goosander (Mergus Merganser)

I wanted to draw the female duck for a change as I think female Goosanders are just as handsome as males, in fact maybe more so. And I chose this photo as she's got chicks! Which I've never seen before, we get plenty of Goosanders at Sandwell Valley in winter but I've never seen them in the breeding season.

Goosanders, ©Stefan Berndtsson, via Flickr Creative Commons.
Goosander sketch.
I'm quite pleased with this one, think I'm getting better at drawing fluffy things - something I find difficult.

I also found this whilst searching for a photo which gave me a chuckle - it made me feel better about my struggles to get everything in proportion in my drawings! Ornithological illustration has come on a lot since 1889!

©BioDivLibrary, via Flickr Creative Commons.

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