Monday, 8 April 2013

3. Bewick's/tundra swan (Cygnus columbianus)

Having scrutinised yesterday's drawing a bit more closely, I've noticed that while it does resemble a fairly plausible Whooper swan, it's not entirely an accurate rendering of the photo. For example, the shape made inside the curve of the neck on the photo is quite different in my drawing! If I'd drawn the space inside the neck rather than the neck itself, I think it would have come out better. This brings back distant recollections of my A-level Art teacher banging on about negative space, and much more recent memories of Darren Woodhead at Gullfest explaining how rather than outlining shapes, just fills in the areas he doesn't want to be white. Obviously advice which I need to take on board.

Today's drawing is a bit rushed - Monday nights are busy what with the weekly shop, yoga/pilates and Game of Thrones!

Bewick's swan sketch.
Bewick's swan at Slimbridge, 13/02/2011.

I dug out this photo of a slightly inquisitive looking Bewick's swan at Slimbridge, sadly my drawing looks rather incurious though, it's all in the angle of the neck I think. Bewick's are most easily told apart from Whoopers by less yellow on the bill, in a more rounded rather than wedge shape which doesn't extend beyond the nostril.

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