Friday, 19 April 2013

13. Red-breasted goose (Branta ruficollis)

Woo! Actual colour!! OK so I didn't really have time to do this and it took bladdy ages (compared to my usual drawings) but it'd be rude not to do this guy in colour. I ran out of time to do the feet properly, let alone any shadows, the red breast colour took me a couple of goes (and still isn't really right) and my acrylic paints had gone all weird and separated as they're so old, but despite these setbacks I'm still pleased with the result. It also still hadn't dried by bedtime hence the late posting! I sketched it out in pencil first before adding paint, I'm way too scared to just start slapping paint onto the page without having some kind of safety net. I should have a go at some point but fear the results may be dreadful......

Red-breasted goose, ©digitalART2, via Flickr Creative Commons.
Red-breasted goose, pencil and acrylic paint.

Red-breasted geese are endangered, due partly to the mysterious disappearance of half the world's population just over 10 years ago, which is now being investigated by means of satellite tagging.

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