Wednesday, 21 August 2013

110. Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster)

The Brown Booby may be seen in Europe as a vagrant in the Mediterranean and off the Atlantic coasts of Spain, Portugal and northwest Africa, but it breeds mainly on islands and coasts in the tropics, including in the Red Sea and Cape Verde Islands. It could be confused with a juvenile Gannet, but is smaller with a black throat and chest and brown belly whereas the juvenile Gannet is fairly uniformly streaked grey-brown or white below, depending on its age.

Brown Booby, ©Mike's Birds, via Flickr Creative Commons.
Brown Booby sketch.

I'd got a bit behind with my drawings due to going to see Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa on Monday, good to see Alan near the beginning of the film waffling at some length about the success of Osprey reintroduction in England, haha! I'm fairly pleased with my Brown Booby drawing, there is something fun about the boobies and gannets, I think they have a lot of character.

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