Friday, 9 August 2013

103. European Storm Petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus)

The European Storm Petrel is a tiny wee fellow, being the smallest of the storm petrels in these parts at around the same size as a House Martin. They are well'ard though, being completely pelagic outside of the breeding season, which they spend off the coast of western and southern Africa, and possibly in parts of the Mediterranean. They breed in burrows on rocky islands and inaccessible coasts around the western coasts of Europe and also in a few places in the Mediterranean. It can be told apart from the other petrels by the broad white band on its underwing, visible in flight (but unfortunately not the photo below!), its small size and its more fluttering, busy flight.

European Storm Petrel, ©Otter, via Wikimedia Commons.
European Storm Petrel sketch.
Quite happy with this one - wings on the short side but otherwise fairly OK :o)

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