Wednesday, 14 August 2013

106. Madeiran Storm Petrel (Oceanodroma castro)

Madeiran Storm Petrels breed on a few east Atlantic islands including the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries, as well as several other rocky islands in the Pacific ocean. Outside of the breeding season they are widespread across the Atlantic and Pacific around the tropics and subtropics, and as far north as offshore from Portugal. They are most similar in appearance to Leach's Storm Petrel, but with less of a contrast between the pale upperwing patch and black wingtips, a less deeply-forked tail (although this can vary in Madeiran and it seems like it may be further split into separate species in future) and a white rump patch that appears more wide than long, and extends further under the tail than in Leach's.

Madeiran Storm Petrel, ©Martin Lofgren, used with permission.
Madeiran Storm Petrel sketch.

Thanks again to Martin Lofgren for allowing me to use another of his great photographs.

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