Tuesday, 6 August 2013

101. Fea's Petrel (Pterodroma feae)

Fea's Petrel breeds in burrows in the Cape Verde, Madeira and Desertas islands, and spends the rest of its time in the Atlantic ocean, mostly towards the eastern side. It can look similar to Cory's or Great Shearwater but is smaller, and can easily be told apart from these by its darker underwings which contrast with its white belly. In good light a subtle 'W' pattern can be seen on its upperwings. The Collins guide informs me that the call of the Fea's Petrel 'seems ideal as background noise in horror movies!' - disappointingly though I wasn't able to find any example of this to listen to online!

Fea's Petrel, ©Alan Wilkinson, used with permission.
Fea's Petrel sketch.

Many thanks to Alan Wilkinson for allowing me to use his excellent Fea's Petrel photograph!

I've made everything a bit chunky, but quite like today's drawing - overall not too shabby.

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