Friday, 29 July 2016

30 Days Wild | Day 18 - goodbye Bardsey

What with my crazily busy June (moving house and starting a new job) I wasn't able to complete 30 Days Wild this year but I don't think I did too badly at least getting some bloggage in for the first 18 days (some of it admittedly posted rather late!). So here is my final post for 30 Days Wild 2016...

Day 18 was the day we left Bardsey to return to life in the real world :o( I didn’t really want to leave, except to have a shower, but leave we must. As we sat at the harbour waiting for the boat, we listened to the Grey Seals in the bay; their eerie wails and cries had become a constant background to our time on Bardsey and rather than spooky I found them comforting. I’d loved my time on Bardsey and hope to return there at some point, perhaps in September one year for some cetacean and migration action. I would highly recommend a visit to Bardsey, and especially a stay in the Bird Observatory, to anyone interested in nature!

Colin's boat coming to collect us.

Colin's boat coming to collect us.


Seals chilling out.
Apparently they can't digest their food very well when in the water due to the pressure, so lounging around on land is actually a very important seal activity!
A cute wee fella.
Lounging and digesting seals.
Seals on the seaweed.

Seals in the sun.

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