Wednesday, 27 July 2016

30 Days Wild | Day 15 - Little Owl mayhem!

On day 15 of 30 Days Wild, like nearly every day on Bardsey, I saw a Little Owl. In fact on this particular day I saw two; the wardens estimate however that there are probably an amazing SEVEN pairs nesting on the island this year! They are Bardsey’s only resident owl species. The easiest ones to see during my stay have been a pair which have a nest burrow in one of the stone/earth walls; if you go and stand around nearby or show some interest in the nest hole, one of the adults will soon come and start shouting at you! They are always easy to see as they like their prominent perches – fence posts, tops of gorse bushes, and sticking out branches. Today I saw one of this pair, and also another Little Owl just after sunset in another area where they are often to be seen – around Carreg Bach, a little house with cheerful red window frames and door.

Here are some photos of the Little Owl scolding me for coming near its nest burrow!

Little Owl (view full size!)
Little Owl (view full size!)
 Today's HDR scenes:

View towards the mainland.
View from the south end towards the mountain.
The lighthouse and the mountain.
Inside the Abbey.
View towards the mainland at sunset.
Looking down from the mountain at sunset.
Sunset from the mountain.

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