Tuesday, 26 July 2016

30 Days Wild | Day 16 - my first Greenish Warbler

This morning just before I was about to have breakfast I bumped into Mark, one of the assistant wardens at the Observatory, who said he’d just trapped a Greenish Warbler in the Heligoland trap and they were about to ring it. I grabbed my camera and whizzed straight over there! Steve the warden told us it was incredibly the fourth Greenish Warbler they’d had at Bardsey this year – and in the same time period there’d only been ten records of this species in the whole of the UK so Bardsey was really getting the Greenish Warbler monopoly. It was a life tick for me of course! It looked very like a Chiffchaff, but with perhaps a slightly greener tinge, a longer pale supercilium and a narrow pale wingbar.

My first Greenish Warbler.
My first Greenish Warbler.
 A couple more HDR scenes from today:

When I showed Chris this photo, his comment was 'Craggy Island!'.
Down by the harbour.

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