Monday, 29 June 2015

30 Days Wild | Day 29 - botanical art

I was pondering what to do for day 29 of 30 Days Wild at work this morning, when I opened a weekly news email from the University. Inside, among other items, was a bit of information about a small exhibition of botanical art currently on display on campus - just the thing to go and have a look at on my lunch break!

The exhibition showed how botanical art had changed through the centuries, as its purposes and applications had changed alongside. There were some beautiful illustrations and books of various types on display, the books being my favourite.

Although I enjoyed the work on display, I wasn't inspired to try my own botanical illustrations - I'm enjoying learning about plants but they just don't quite hold the same interest for me as birds do, and I can't imagine getting the same pleasure from creating my own images of plants as I do birds. I will stick to enjoying other people's botanical depictions!

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