Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Redditch Starling murmuration photos

Last Friday I left work a bit early to go and check out the Starling murmuration in Redditch, just south of Birmingham. This flock of Starlings has been gathering every evening over the town centre prior to roosting in a stand of Leylandii next to a multi-storey car park. This means that you can get amazing views of the murmuration (along with a generous sprinkling of Starling guano) from the top of the multi-storey car park - it's car park 2 of the Kingfisher shopping centre for anyone interested in visiting. The Starlings started to gather around 17:00, and finally all poured into the Leylandii at around 18:00. I'm no good at counting flocks like this but there were easily thousands of birds there; not the largest flock but I hadn't seen a proper murmuration before so my mind was still fairly blown! There were quite a few people watching too, many of them non-birders - it was great to see everyone getting so excited about this natural spectacle! I took loads of photos; view them full size for the full impact. There are also quite a few videos on YouTube of the roost. The Starlings will start to disperse for the breeding season soon so get down there quicksharp if you want to see them!

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