Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 19/03/16

On Saturday I was back again at my local patch for a spot of birding! I saw 37 species in all; no new ones today.....STILL no sign of my first Chiffchaff of the year, they really are taking their time! Here are my highlights:
  • I was standing beneath a tree when I heard a strange and unfamiliar noise - a lovely burbling song with both raspy and sweet notes. I scanned the branches above and spotted the culprit - a Jay! It was singing so quietly I would not have heard it if I hadn't been standing right underneath. I've only ever heard their harsh loud RASP of a call so it was great to hear the Jay's more sensitive side in its song! Even better, in the vicinity were two more Jays, and I watched the three of them chase each other around for a while. Perhaps these antics suggest they are thinking of nesting nearby....
  • Siskins, Siskins, Siskins. I've never seen so many on the reserve, they seemed to be everywhere I went!
  • I saw three Buzzards soaring over from the Rea Valley route near Westhill Road.
  • Five Tufted Ducks on Merecroft Pool.
  • There were several Redwing feeding on the ground behind and to the west of Wychall Reservoir. I've seen them here before, along with other thrushes - I think they are eating the seeds that have fallen to the ground from reed seedheads.
  • Four Teal on Wychall Reservoir.
In contrast to the previous week, today felt like I'd gone back in time a month or two into the depths of winter! It was cold and grey, there was no sign of the Great Crested Grebes or any butterflies, and instead the Siskins and Redwings gave the birding a distinctly wintery flavour.

I'm afraid I wasn't feeling very inspired by the gloomy weather so only took a couple of photos! Hopefully my next trip will be a bit more spring-like :o)

Merecroft Pool (HDR).
View from the dam at the north end of Merecroft Pool (HDR).

Blackbird Great Spotted Woodpecker Nuthatch
Black-headed Gull Great Tit Redwing
Blue Tit Greenfinch Robin
Bullfinch Grey Heron Siskin
Buzzard Herring Gull Song Thrush
Canada Goose Jackdaw Starling
Carrion Crow Jay Stock Dove
Chaffinch Lesser Black-backed Gull Teal
Coal Tit Long-tailed Tit Tufted Duck
Coot Magpie Woodpigeon
Dunnock Mallard Wren
Goldcrest Moorhen
Goldfinch Mute Swan

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