Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 27/02/16

On Saturday I was back for a wander around my local patch. This time it was with the Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve for their monthly guided walk, so there were a few of us. It was good winter birding weather, calm and cold with sunny spells especially later on.

Here are my highlights; I saw a smashing 42 species in all, of which one was a new one for me at this site, so I've now seen 57 species in total at the reserve.
  • This week's new species was a Cormorant, which was clearly thinking about landing in Merecroft Pool as it circled around several times overhead, before deciding not to and flying off.
  • Mr Mandarin was still there and this time I had the right camera lens! It helped that he also came very close; he's been associating with the Mallards as Mandarins often do, and as we stood on the bank the Mallards approached us no doubt expecting to be fed. The Mandarin was in tow and followed them onto the bank before walking right up to us, albeit looking a bit confused. No sign of any ring on his legs so I think it's safe to say he's a wild bird and not an escapee from a wildfowl collection.
  • Wintery vibes with lots of Redwings and Siskins much in evidence across the reserve.
  • A Green Woodpecker flew up from the grass as we entered the West Extension from Popes Lane.
  • We saw two Buzzards, one being mobbed by gulls over the West Extension and another soaring further off. I also saw a Sparrowhawk hunting near Wychall Reservoir.
  • Only one female Goosander on Merecroft Pool this time, but eight Tufted Ducks and also seven Teal on Wychall Reservoir. 
  • A Treecreeper in the trees by the River Rea, seen from the footpath leading towards Wychall Lane going towards Merecroft Pool.
  • Not a bird, but a fleeting glimpse of a Muntjac Deer disappearing into the undergrowth in the West Extension. I've only seen their hoofprints here previously so it was nice to see the creature responsible!
The Mandarin Duck.

The Mandarin Duck.
I also spotted some Mistletoe growing on the reserve which was slightly unexpected; I didn't get a very good photo of it but as it's not going anywhere I will try and take a better picture next time! Here are a few scenes of the reserve that I did get.

Just behind the dam at the north end of Merecroft Pool. (HDR)
British Waterways Meadow. (HDR)
The River Rea. (HDR)
The River Rea. (HDR)

An ancient and defunct contraption which presumably used to control water levels in the River Rea, seen from Wychall Lane! (HDR)

Blackbird Great Spotted Woodpecker Mandarin Duck
Black-headed Gull Great Tit Moorhen
Blue Tit Green Woodpecker Redwing
Bullfinch Greenfinch Robin
Buzzard Grey Heron Siskin
Carrion Crow Grey Wagtail Song Thrush
Chaffinch Herring Gull Sparrowhawk
Coal Tit House Sparrow Starling
Coot Jackdaw Stock Dove
Cormorant Jay Teal
Dunnock Lesser Black-backed Gull Treecreeper
Goldcrest Long-tailed Tit Tufted Duck
Goldfinch Magpie Woodpigeon
Goosander Mallard Wren

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