Friday, 29 May 2015

30 Days Wild is coming!

I've just signed up for 30 Days Wild! Spearheaded by The Wildlife Trusts, the idea is that on every day in June, you do something to bring you closer to nature. It doesn't have to be big things, just a small 'random act of wildness' every day is enough to make a bit more space for nature in your life. I reckon I already do a fair few wild things (although not as many as I'd like due to working and studying), but certainly not every single day and it'll be a fun challenge to think of a daily wild act - I've already got a fairly hefty list of ideas. 

Because I'll be revising for my oceanography exam (my final exam, EEE) for the first 9 days of June, my first few wild things will be pretty low-key, but after that I will have plenty more free time in which to undertake more ambitious activities, including getting back to doing regular paintings! Looking forward to it, and to seeing what other people get up to too on their 30 Days Wild :o)

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