Monday, 4 April 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 25/03/16

A bit tardy posting this, as I've been on holiday in the Lake District last week. However just before that I took my weekly trip to Kings Norton Nature Reserve. The weather was brilliant, mild and sunny, and I had high hopes that today I would finally get my first Chiffchaff of the year....

I saw 40 species in total, of which one was new for me at this site, taking my over patch total to 61. Here are my highlights...
  • Today's new species was indeed a Chiffchaff, finally! I started my wanderings this week in the Peafields/West Extension and heard a Chiffchaff singing in an inaccessible thicket there - I couldn't see the bird. Then I bumped into fellow KNNR patch birder Adrian who said he had also had one near Merecroft Pool; I found this one too towards the end of my walk, singing and calling, and I managed to see him too. Spring is here!!
  • However, there were also many wintery birds still around. Surprisingly there were three Shoveler on Merecroft Pool, the highest number we've had all winter.
  • I also counted six Teal on Merecroft Pool, looking super smart in the sun.
  • There were a few Siskin still about, and a couple of Redwing in the Peafields/West Extension area.
  • Only one Great Crested Grebe on Merecroft Pool today, hopefully its partner will soon return.
  • I had a nice view of a singing Treecreeper along the narrow part of the Rea Valley route.
  • Ten Tufted Ducks on Merecroft Pool.
  • Two Buzzards over Wychall Reservoir, and also a Sparrowhawk near Merecroft Pool.
  • Another new butterfly for my KNNR list, a Brimstone patrolling the edge of the Peafields/West Extension.
I saw plenty of evidence of birds thinking about breeding, including several species carrying nesting material, and both Blue and Great Tits investigating a nestbox. I also took lots of photos this time! The Friends of KNNR have asked me to contribute a few photos to be printed as cards for selling at events to raise funds, so I was trying to produce some card-worthy images. I'm not sure I succeeded but it was fun trying!

The Peafields/West Extension.
The Peafields/West Extension.
The Peafields/West Extension.
The Peafields/West Extension.
The Peafields/West Extension.
Primrose (Primula vulgaris) flowering on the bank next to Wychall Reservoir.
Mute Swan portrait.
Mute Swan. Weird light.
Tufted Duck.
Tufted Ducks.
Merecroft Pool.
Tufted Duck.
Tufted Ducks.


Blackbird Great Tit Redwing
Blue Tit Greenfinch Robin
Bullfinch Grey Heron Shoveler
Buzzard Herring Gull Siskin
Canada Goose House Sparrow Song Thrush
Carrion Crow Jackdaw Sparrowhawk
Chaffinch Jay Stock Dove
Chiffchaff Lesser Black-backed Gull Teal
Coal Tit Long-tailed Tit Treecreeper
Coot Magpie Tufted Duck
Dunnock Mallard Woodpigeon
Goldfinch Moorhen Wren
Great Crested Grebe Mute Swan
Great Spotted Woodpecker Nuthatch

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