Monday, 25 January 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 23/01/16

On Saturday afternoon I was back for my weekly jaunt around my local patch, Kings Norton Nature Reserve. The weather was warmer than on my two previous visits; would I see more springtime-type activity from the birds as a result?

I saw 33 species, a bit down on my last couple of visits but there were still some lovely sighting nonetheless :o) Here are the highlights!
  • Kingfisher! I'd only seen one here once before, on my very first visit, perched in the middle of Wychall Reservoir. Adrian (who has also recently adopted Kings Norton Nature Reserve as his local patch) had had more sightings than me and told me a certain spot to check - the edge of a reed-fringed pool just about visible from the path, west of Wychall Reservoir. I was heading over there from the West Extension, hoping to see a Kingfisher....however before I'd even got that far I saw one (a male) perching on a twig overhanging the River Rea, just past the weir. He flew off after a little while, and I continued on. I soon relocated him in the spot that Adrian had told me about, hurrah!
  • I started at the West Extension this time around, and it was pretty productive. I found at least two Lesser Redpolls feeding on the ground upon the seedheads of fallen willowherbs and umbellifers; they were very quiet and unobtrusive and although I only saw two for sure, I think there may have been a few more in there.
  • Also in the West Extension, four Stock Doves feeding on the path in the open grassland area, being closely watched by a cat who slunk off after a while.
  • Some nice views of Jay this time, in the West Extension again.
  • Just two Goosanders on Merecroft Pool this time; no Shoveler or Little Grebe, maybe because the weather had warmed up?
  • A pair of Grey Wagtails, one of them very loudly singing, on the shore of Merecroft Pool.
  • Seven Teal on Wychall Reservoir.
Four Stock Doves; cat slowly losing interest.

I also met another member of the Friends of Kings Norton Nature Reserve who was walking her dog near Merecroft Pool; it was nice to chat to her about the reserve, and she showed me another part of the reserve that I'd never worked out how to get into before - a field next to the paddocks where there is a bird feeding station, among other things.

Here are a few more photos - HDR is great for making cloudy skies look extra-dramatic!

The West Extension (HDR).

The West Extension (HDR).

The West Extension (HDR).
The West Extension (HDR).
The West Extension (HDR).

Blackbird Great Tit Magpie
Black-headed Gull Grey Heron Mallard
Blue Tit Grey Wagtail Moorhen
Bullfinch Herring Gull Robin
Carrion Crow House Sparrow Song Thrush
Chaffinch Jackdaw Starling
Coot Jay Stock Dove
Dunnock Kingfisher Teal
Goldcrest Lesser Black-backed Gull Tufted Duck
Goosander Lesser Redpoll Woodpigeon
Great Spotted Woodpecker Long-tailed Tit Wren

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