Friday, 22 January 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 16/01/16

I took my weekly trip to my local patch, Kings Norton Nature Reserve, last Saturday afternoon. This time I saw or heard 40 species, smashing my previous record of 39 on my last visit! Nothing I hadn't already seen here before; here are the highlights:
  • Very frustratingly, I heard what I'm 98% certain was a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming several times, and calling once - but I couldn't see it! It was coming from the vicinity of a large Willow next to Merecroft Pool, at the edge of the paddocks. I'm not awfully familiar with the drum and call of LSW having heard it so infrequently, but the drumming was certainly much less deep and resonant than I would expect to hear from a Great Spotted Woodpecker. It matches well with recordings I've listened to subsequently. Plus if it had been a GSW I think I would probably have been able to see it, given that they are so much bigger!
  • The male Shoveler was still present on Merecroft Pool.
  • Stock Doves were also once again more in evidence than on most previous visits.
  • After losing its mate and being AWOL last week, one of the Mute Swans had returned.
  • No Goosanders on Merecroft Pool, but I did see three fly over.
  • A Little Grebe was still present on Merecroft Pool.
  • I caught a very brief glimpse of a Lesser Redpoll, where I have seen them before - eating seeds from the Phragmites seedheads around Wychall Reservoir.
  • Four Teal on Wychall Reservoir. 
  • I heard a green Woodpecker from Popes Lane.
  • Lovely singing Treecreepers in the West Extension.
  • Roosting Redwings settling down for the night in the West Extension.
  • Another mammal encounter, also in the West Extension - a smashing Fox who regarded me for some time before setting off on a patrol of the reserve perimeter, all the while keeping one eye on me!
Merecroft Pool just visible through the trees (HDR).
Probable location of the drumming Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - the tallest Willow on the right (HDR).
The Shoveler.
This Coot seemed happy to pose for photos.
I nearly missed out the West Extension again as the light was failing and I was getting a bit cold, but I'm very glad I didn't neglect it this time. The Treecreeper sightings were the best I'd had so far here, I think there were two birds and it was lovely to hear them singing. The Fox was great too, he was just sitting there out in the open, watching as I emerged from the trees. He was quite distant and the light was too bad for photos, so I attempted a couple of (slightly shaky) videos instead!


Blackbird Green Woodpecker Moorhen
Black-headed Gull Greenfinch Mute Swan
Blue Tit Grey Heron Nuthatch
Bullfinch Herring Gull Redwing
Canada Goose Jackdaw Robin
Carrion Crow Jay Shoveler
Coal Tit Lesser Black-backed Gull Siskin
Coot Lesser Redpoll Stock Dove
Dunnock Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Teal
Goldcrest Little Grebe Treecreeper
Goldfinch Long-tailed Tit Tufted Duck
Goosander Magpie Woodpigeon
Great Spotted Woodpecker Mallard Wren
Great Tit

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