Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 03/04/16

On Sunday I was back at Kings Norton Nature Reserve, wondering what new patch ticks the spring would bring me today! I saw 39 species, and one was new for me at this site, taking my patch total to 62. Today's new species wasn't the one I was expecting though....
  • Having not seen a Blackcap yet this year, and after fellow KNNR patch birder Adrian told me he'd had one a few days ago, I was expecting to find one today. I expected in vain! Instead I found a Willow Warbler, my new species for the day, singing in the trees at the top end of Merecroft Pool. I think this is on the early side for this species, to see one before a Blackcap seems quite topsy-turvy to me! However I was very pleased to find it, hopefully more will appear in the coming weeks (along with some Blackcaps).
  • Chiffchaff explosion! There were at least five singing this week compared to last week's two, fairly evenly spread throughout the reserve.
  • Lots of Jay activity. I watched one pair determinedly chase some Magpies away for quite a while, perhaps they were too close to a potential or actual Jay nest. I also enjoyed hearing more Jay vocalisations that weren't the usual harsh RASP, including at one point mimicry of a Buzzard call.
  • At least three Treecreepers singing throughout the reserve.
  • Still a few Siskins about.
  • Also still ten Teal sitting at the back of Wychall Reservoir, surely they'll be off soon.
  • Buzzards flying at various points over the reserve; also a high flying Peregrine seen from the Merecroft Pool part of the reserve.
  • Only two Tufted Ducks today on Merecroft Pool.
  • Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies.
Here are a few photos from my visit. You may notice that I state the binomial name (the Latin) for each plant, that is because I am trying to learn these! :o)

Peacock butterfly.

Robin in poor light.

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta).

Just a female Mallard, but I don't think I've ever seen one quite so high up...

Zoomed out for some context.

Variation in Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) flowers.

Variation in Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) flowers.

The Peafields/West Extension (HDR).


Blackbird Goldfinch Moorhen
Blue Tit Great Spotted Woodpecker Nuthatch
Bullfinch Great Tit Peregrine
Buzzard Greenfinch Robin
Canada Goose Grey Heron Siskin
Carrion Crow Herring Gull Song Thrush
Chaffinch House Sparrow Stock Dove
Chiffchaff Jackdaw Teal
Coal Tit Jay Treecreeper
Coot Lesser Black-backed Gull Tufted Duck
Dunnock Long-tailed Tit Willow Warbler
Feral Pigeon Magpie Woodpigeon
Goldcrest Mallard Wren

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