Monday, 16 November 2015

Kings Norton Nature Reserve 14/11/15

Just a quick one-hour wander around my local patch this weekend, in the small window on Saturday afternoon between the rain finally stopping and the daylight running out. As a result I only saw 26 species none of which were new, but I still had a few highlights:
  • Approaching the paddocks I saw something large on one of the fence posts, which turned out to be a Buzzard. With not many people passing through due to the bad weather the Buzzard obviously felt fairly OK about mooching around in open fields near to the path. It flew on to a more sheltered spot as I walked past but I saw it again later in a different field.
  • Another Buzzard flew over as I reached Merecroft Pool, and landed in the top of a large tree. At first I assumed it was the same one but it had a lot less white on its breast; I confirmed it was definitely a different individual after it flew off west and I then saw the first Buzzard again still in the paddocks. So, nice to see at least two Buzzards using the site!
  • Wychall Reservoir was looking very busy, with quite a few Teals and Mallards settling down for the night. Difficult to count how many as it as already quite dark by the time I got there!
  • The Jackdaw roost was well advanced, lots of Jackdaw noise but they'd stopped flying around and were clearly settled in. The longer I looked the more Magpies I realised were there too, roosting alongside the Jackdaws.
I didn't take any photos this time either due to the dreadful light! Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to get there for a bit longer, in better weather and earlier in the day.


Blackbird Grey Heron Nuthatch
Black-headed Gull Herring Gull Redwing
Blue Tit Jackdaw Robin
Bullfinch Lesser Black-backed Gull Song Thrush
Buzzard Long-tailed Tit Teal
Carrion Crow Magpie Tufted Duck
Coot Mallard Woodpigeon
Goldcrest Moorhen Wren
Great Tit Mute Swan

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