Monday, 23 March 2015

Field lens photography fun at Flatpack Festival

Not much bloggage from me recently - the two Open University modules I'm currently studying have deadlines that are very close together, I had one last week and have another this Wednesday so I've been hard at work on assignments! However over the weekend I did also spend a quite substantial amount of time at various events as part of Flatpack Festival, Birmingham's annual and most excellent film festival. As well as seeing four films I also went to a slime mould experiment (I now have my own slime mould exploring a petri dish at home!) and a guided walk/photography workshop which entailed using a field lens in conjunction with a smartphone camera to take macro photographs of mosses, lichens, fungi, plants and other things, whatever took our fancy really. It was great fun, walking round Eastside searching out our subjects on walls, rusty railings, grass verges and in cracks between paving stones. Because there was a fair-sized group of us doing it, you didn't worry at all about looking weird - I'm not sure I would do the same thing on my own in a similarly busy urban setting (we finished up at St Martin's Church at the back of the Bullring), but I am definitely going to take my field lens out on trips from now on, using it for photography is very easy and quite addictive!

Here are my favourites from the photos I took on the guided walk.

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