Friday, 28 March 2014

181. Lanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus)

Lanner Falcons look similar to Sakers, but are slightly smaller and slimmer, with narrower wings and tail. The subspecies found in Europe (feldeggii) has grey-brown upperparts with dark barring, a rufous supercilium and nape, and is paler underneath than Saker, being much more finely spotted with some barring on the flanks. Juveniles look very similar to both juvenile and adult Sakers, but the 'trousers' in juvenile Lanners are always pale, sometimes with streaking depending on the subspecies, but never dark as in Sakers. Lanner Falcons are found only in a few parts of southeastern Europe (e.g. Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria) and are resident, not migratory, although in winter they will travel slightly beyond their breeding range. Their preferred habitat is arid areas such as semi-desert, dry steppe and savanna, rocky foothills, cliffs and sea-coasts.

Lanner Falcon, ©D McG, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Lanner Falcon painting.
Aahh, a nice indulgent portrait :o) This is the last of the raptors! Next up are the rails and crakes, exciting times.....

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