Saturday, 2 November 2013

128. Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea)

Purple Herons are fairly widespread during their breeding season throughout southern Europe as far north as the Netherlands, before wintering in Africa. However like many of their relatives, they too are spreading northwards and the first reported successful breeding attempt by Purple Herons in the UK was at RSPB Dungeness in 2010, exciting times. In flight they can look very similar to Grey Heron, however the Purple Heron's bunched up neck tends to form a more angular shape than the Grey Heron's, and it is more likely to spread its toes out whereas the Grey Heron keeps them folded together. Purple Herons are also slightly smaller, and more slender than Grey Herons. Their preferred habitat is rivers, wet meadows and shallow lakes with reedbeds, trees and vegetation.

Purple Heron, ©Steve Garvie, via Wikimedia Commons.

Purple Heron painting.
Well I tried to do this within my set time limit, but it didn't happen, and as I was enjoying it and it seemed to be going well I decided to finish it the next evening. Quite pleased with this one.

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