Thursday, 5 September 2013

On hiatus

I am going on hiatus from my drawing project for a short while (until the 8th of October to be exact). I've got a bit behind on my studying due to being away over the past 2 weekends so I need to catch up, and additionally my end of module exam is on the 8th of October so I really need to get cracking with revision! On top of that work is going to be mega-hectic this month as I'll be doing 2 peoples' jobs while my colleague recuperates from an operation (which is why I've also been a bit quiet on Twitter lately - I do most of my tweeting from work, one of the advantages of a boring desk-based job!). 

So alas, I have decided it would be best to put the drawings on hold while I concentrate on other stuff. I will be back in October though! :o)

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